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Maria y Neus, Founders of Coasis

Maria and Neus Inglada are sisters with quite a relationship. Born a few years apart, they are two of X children and to this day, Maria and Neus work in the same building, but not on the same floor. They are entrepreneurs in their own right and have complementary businesses, so the end result could only go one way!

Coasis, a family business

Let’s talk about Maria, handling a familial B&B hotel in Barcelona called “Ca La Maria”. Maria does everything her guests may need. She’ll welcome you and introduce you to your room, which she personally decorated with taste. She will answer all of your questions as if she were your personal Barcelona Tour guide and will cook for you as if you were part of her own family.

Just a floor above, you’ll be welcomed by Neus, manager at Cowork Rambla Catalunya. She already hosts 200 businesses working there, in a friendly and convivial atmosphere. Many shared spaces give you the opportunity to add people to your contact list and increase your network.

You will enjoy the beauty of this place, having a coffee with a coworker on a terrasse looking down at Ca La Maria’s shared-garden being pampered.

At lunchtime, you’ll enjoy multi-lingual discussions in Catalan, Spanish, French and/or English about the special dish Maria cooked and you’ll definitely enjoy their presence and laid-back jokes. As I already said, this new adventure was inevitable. And this time, it’s a sister story.

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