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Our Story

We’re a community of bold minds and big hearts. Our beautifully designed spaces and our community champions inspire us to take action and make our dreams come true. Coasis is your home away from home. 



Hola a todos! We are Maria and Neus!

Two women with a high entrepreneurial spirit and passion for hospitality, travelling and new adventures.


Coasis Coliving represents the joining of passions and expertise: Maria as a B&B manager and architect and Neus as an experienced coworking owner and marketer.


It is our dream to create a community of independent workers that lift each other up and create strong lasting relationships, that enables them to grow personally and professionally and achieve their individual goals.

We promote community living and working in a beautiful natural location as well as a healthy and respectful lifestyle.


Coasis is home away from home, whatever your concept of home is. We’re for you if you’re looking for short or long stays and meaningful relationships.



We are a coliving family in Barcelona. Come and enjoy accomodation and coworking with the perfect balance between leisure and work.



Meet freelancers, digital nomads and location independents. Our tribe of like-minded professionals are always willing to share insights and forge lasting relationships.



You don’t have to be a coliver to be a part of Coasis. We welcome coworkers and other collaborators who need a space to work, create or host activities and events.

Our Company Headquarters

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