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Tourist in Barcelona

Our Community

We at Coasis value openness and togetherness. Do you already have your own place and you still want to enjoy the Coasis Community events? Then our Community and CoWorking passes are something for you. Great for returning guests, families, and people who are searching for a nice combination between working and exploring Barcelona.

We are a community away from home for young professionals. Are you one of them?

We are looking for remote workers, freelancers, digital nomads, and employees new to the city or looking for new people, to join our community.

Coasis benefits:

What do we provide?

  • Stability and a welcome feeling

What are the benefits?

  • Community and exploring together

Why it should be something for you:

  • To stay curious about new people and broaden your mind


- Our community is the glue in Barcelona, home and an open space which doesn't think in boxes. - 


The foundation and values of Coasis Co-living


Stability and a Welcome Feeling

At Coasis Co-living we have the mission to create a welcoming ambiance for everyone coming to Barcelona


Community and exploration

In relation to the welcoming feeling we created a community to help you along.

This community explores the city together and creates lasting memories!


Staying curious 

Do not fear the unknown, face it!

We wish for everyone to experience as much as possible and promote being curious to other cultures and other people!

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Coasis in a nutshell

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