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How to expand my network with Coliving ?

People with the same needs about their way of living can extraordinarily fit with other people they never met before. This is quite magical, but also really meaningful and a source of thinking. Because everybody here comes from a different place and has a different story. And however the story is, your knowledge will be improved.

Building strong professional relationships that matter in the long run

You already know that coliving is more about people than everything else. A coliver needs to work, like everyone else, and they often switch from a workplace to another to keep on traveling… And this is where everything is getting more interesting because almost all remote works are digital and as you are a digital nomad, that’s how you can produce value for others. Become “the person to ask to” where you decided to stay.

Then, asking for a piece of advice, an association, a service or anything else could be facilitated. In fact, it’s also easier to propose your help before asking and it’s good for self-consideration to help others.

Our last advice would be that you shouldn’t do anything that you don’t want to, especially when you expect something in return. If it’s your case, don’t hesitate to announce your request first before proposing your help, your approach will be much better received.

“Let’s keep in touch” – When coliving comes to an end, the opportunities are limitless.

Helping someone because you enjoy doing it can create strong relationships. Because helping others gives you some sympathy, you’ll also attract more people. And here comes the important part: you’ll make friends and you’ll create memories with them, and this is what counts the most.

Because helping one person after another, your contact list will also get larger and larger … And opportunities coming your way will skyrocket too! Recommendations are stronger than any cover letter and you’ll always be “that person who helped me when I didn’t know how to send this prospection mailing”.

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