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About Us

Cultural integration and international collaboration are of great importance to us, which is why we are launching Coasis, a coliving facility for digital nomads, passionate entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers who wish to reside in a diverse community. Our passion for this project is fueled by our desire to expand the international community to other parts of Catalonia, especially for small businesses owners and workers. We believe that everyone should have access to these resources to build a bigger and better global community.

We recognize that our modern work space is changing. Individuals no longer work from a single office or desk. Digital workers and entrepreneurs are constantly traveling or working on the go. At Coasis we strive to provide this new age of workers with a collaborative space to encourage creative thoughts and forge lasting relationships with like-minded professionals while maintaining their ability to travel the world.

We believe the most beneficial way to develop creative projects and ideas is through collective thinking. By creating a coliving space for the international community, we hope to inspire corporate and individual growth. We look forward to meeting people from all over the world by sharing a part of our world with them.

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