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BARCELONA Pl Catalunya (Upcoming)

10 rooms in a 2 coliving apartments of a building located 5 min walk of Pl. Catalunya

Coasis Pl. Catalunya is a golden diamont to be discovered in the city center of Barcelona! Beautiful modernist apartments with high ceilings and colorful tiles will transport you back in time!

Corporate professionals will enjoy living in Barcelona where they will feel at home in a tranquil environment. They can get to know the city of Barcelona, grow their social network while working & travelling. 

This upcoming location has a rooftop and shared areas to build relationships and work. 

Rooms are double or suite with private bathroom or shared. Choose the best option according to your needs. 

For more information and pictures please click the link below to discover more about this beautiful upcoming location.


10 Bedrooms

High speed Internet

Private Bathroom & shared bathroom

Rooftop and shared areas


Any other questions?

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